Vincent Fugère

Temple Punks - Branding, graphic and layout design

Corp Borg - Layout & Graphic design, photobash collages.

Microbia - Branding, graphic & layout design, Illustrations.

Fermentation Station - Graphic & Layout design

Condottiere Prototype - graphic design & map illustration. 

Ritual Cuts - Branding, illustration & operation of Table Top Roleplaying micro-publisher.

Ritual Cuts Inktober one-pages

Weaving Kraken - Design & Illustrations.

Bonyard - Branding and graphic design.

Brasserie La Mouche - Branding, Art direction, graphic design & photography.

Cuisine Indomptée - Branding, graphic design & photography.

I’m the founder of Ritual Cuts, a TTRPG micro-publisher, 
co-founder of Invisible Temple Games, a board game micro-pubisher,
Aeon Cub, a glitchy music and visual art project,
Empire.sleep, an ambient music and photography project.

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