Vincent Fugère

Ghost Gate Chronicles part one : The Divide

Help guide souls, magic and dreams to and from the underworld in this original 1-4 Players Roll & Write game from Invisible Temple.

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Passengers TTRPG

Passengers is a free, rules-light no-fail system. It uses mechanics based on The Divide, where your rolled dice choose actions
you can do in columns rather that provide a total number you have to either roll over or under. You can download it for free here.

Temple Punks

Temple Punks is a solitaire roleplaying roll&write game. A new kind of solo experience where you roll, flip and write the story of a character you created. 
At around 20-30 minutes of gameplay, Temple Punks aims to create an enticing solitaire experience with multiple possible gameplays with its character 
creation system offering a wide variety of abilities and play style.

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Ritual Cuts

 Series of TTRPG zines that explore diverse concepts and propositions

Invisible Temple Games

Fermentation Station

A war game set in brine!

A solo print & play roll & write about controlling the different volatile variables of a ferment to help proliferate the good bacteria.

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I’m the founder of Ritual Cuts, a TTRPG micro-publisher, 
co-founder of Invisible Temple Games, a board game micro-pubisher,
Aeon Cub, a glitchy music and visual art project,
Empire.sleep, an ambient music and photography project.

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